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The Council provides the following services and benefits to all participating Mid-Atlantic companies:

  • Diverse, timely and accurate information about special opportunities in Eurasia/Russia
  • Education through regular seminars and networking events
  • Facilitation of entry into Eurasian/Russian markets through Eurasian/Russian trade shows and meetings with Eurasian/Russian executives
  • Promotion of participating companies' interests in Eurasia/Russia and navigation through Eurasia's/Russia's legislative, regulatory, legal, and financial processes
  • Assistance in procuring private and federal funding through technical assistance and investment programs
  • Members receive a 20% discount on all Council events
  • Members receive a 5-15% discount from Eurasian/Russian-related service providers
  • Discounted services on designing, hosting and maintaning a Web page

How can I get involved?

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Mid-to-Large Companies Memberships
  • Small Companies Memberships
  • Nonprofit/Individual Membership
  • Events/Annual Symposium Sponsor
  • Eurasia/Russia-related Service Providers Discount Agreement
  • Internship Opportunity - Immediate Opening

Cultivating Economic and Cultural Partnerships
between the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States and Eurasia/Russia